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Reliable. Efficient. Friendly.

Focusing on transparency and a 'customer-first' philosophy, we created a 'REF' mission. REF stands for reliability, efficiency and friendliness. We believe staying true to ourselves and the brand, we can help relieve the stress of moving & logistics and make these processes Easy-Breezy! 

Reliability. Efficiency.  Friendliness

Matt Patton & Tyler Richardson founded Breezy Moving Inc. early in 2023. After many years of moving experience during their university ventures, they decided to begin their own company to fill the many gaps in the industry. 

The Breezy Co-Founders

In the Community

As philanthropist and altruistic leaders, Breezy Moving actively spearheads and participates in many fundraisers and charitable events in our community. 

All customers moving into Space-at-Hand Storage at any of their locations will receive $50 off their move with the code SPACEATHAND! 

We are excited to partner with Space-at-Hand as their facilities are both impressive and affordable! 

Space At Hand Partnership

All Crunch Fitness members can receive $50 off their next moving service by using the code in the Crunch Fitness Mobile App! 

Our partnership with Crunch is based on the idea of a common goal. We want to discard any limitations that hold the community back to achieve a positive experience in life! #NoLimits

Crunch Fitness Partnership

KCS Kitchener Cleaning Service

This partnership brings a great opportunity to all of our customers! You can now coordinate your cleaning and moving services all in one, saving you the headache of dealing with multiple companies! 

Save 10% and arrange your moving requirements in one place! KCS Kitchener is a reliable and reputable cleaning company that cleans your home efficiently!  

KCS Website

The team at Breezy Moving exceeded my expectations with their exceptional delivery services. As a new business owner they couldn’t have made the process easier from start to finish. They were a pleasure to work with and have handled every delivery on time and have made the entire experience stress free! I highly recommend Breezy for any delivery needs. They truly go above and beyond!

"Exceeded my expectations"

I have had a few moving nightmares in the past but I’ll never be calling anyone else but Breezy. Tyler and Matt turned what I expected to be a day of stress into a comedy show with a side of efficiency!... If laughter is the best medicine, then Tyler and Matt are the doctors of moving. In a nutshell, Breezy Moving didn't just move my stuff, they moved my spirit too! 10/10 would laugh and move again.

"I’ll never be calling anyone else but Breezy"

Moving with Matt and Tyler was easy... breezy! I reached out for a quote and Tyler stopped by within a few days to do a quick walk-through. He was super friendly and professional! The estimate was very straightforward (NO hidden fees) and the process was super simple all the way through. Matt even sent over some quick tips for how to ensure a quick and efficient move, helping me keep my costs low (they charge an hourly rate). On move day, the guys braved -15 temperatures to move allll my stuff from one stacked townhouse to another, which involved many stairs. They worked hard (sprinted a few staircases), were fun to chat with, and got everything done in less time than they quoted.

"Got everything done in less time than they quoted"  

First time hiring movers and Breezy will definitely be hired next time and recommended to friends. Friendly and professional employees, very easy accurate job estimate. Came early in the morning to finish the job in one day (far move). Dropped off at my elderly mothers house and didn’t just leave, moved everything into position and helped out a ton!

"Will definitely be hired next time & recommended to friends"

Reliable, efficient, and friendly moving professionals. Going beyond what other companies offer, our customer-first philosophy drives us to tailor our services to the unique needs of each client. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations! 

Customer-First Philosophy

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Start packing early to ease the moving process. There is no such thing as starting to soon! You can begin with seldomly used items like holiday decor or off-season clothes. Declutter as you pack and label boxes clearly. Assigning a space in your home for boxes can be beneficial and prevent unnecessary clutter.

Start Packing Early

Initiate the process of collecting free boxes weeks or even months ahead of your scheduled move to sidestep the potential high expense of buying them. Preserve your delivery boxes and check platforms such as Facebook to acquire boxes from those who have recently moved. You can also check out nearby grocery stores!

Collect Boxes in Advance

A valuable organization tip for moving day is to label boxes with their respective destinations. By indicating the destination, unpacking will become significantly more manageable. Additionally, labelling each box with the specific room it belongs to will speed up the unloading process for movers or friends and ensure that items are promptly placed in their designated spots. 

Label Boxes With Their Desitnation

Moving Tips

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